Programs for Children Ages 3 – 12

Intensive holistic wrap-around strength-based Behavior Management Therapy in the community designed to treat challenging behaviors, with a specific structure and positive behavioral supports to successfully support a child/ youth’s and family in their home and community. These services assist with implementing behavior change techniques to increase the quality of life and availability for learning new behaviors.

Intensive holistic wrap-around therapy in the community with the structured strength-based therapeutic relationship between a clinician, if needed an added therapeutic support staff, the child/ youth’s and family. In order to address and treat the child/youth’s needs and improve the family’s relationship and enhance problem-solving, limit setting, communication, identify and utilize community resources and develop and maintain natural support.

Our program supports in building one to one relationship in community setting focusing on strength-based support services that coaching, and training child/ youth to on what is necessary to achieve their goal. The mentor’s main goal is to help build, maintain and make health choices within the community and building community access.

Eligibility: Patients can access TM services based on medical necessity and a referral by a behavioral health provider, who has a treatment plan in place with TM services.